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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Comcast Gotcha

Once again Comcast has truncated my ability to surf the net. Upon arriving at my vacation destination I discovered the cable modem that worked just swell last January no longer worked. After one hour on the phone with Comcast, I was told the modem was not working. Duhhh!

Comcast told me to get a new modem or get theirs for $8/month and since that makes no sense whatsoever being here for less than two months, I went out and bought a new modem. Of course I checked Comcast’s compatibility chart and then even called and spoke to a tech to verify that I had, indeed, chosen an acceptable Comcast certified modem.

I set up the new modem which did not work. The Comcast tech I spoke to this time told me that he wasn’t getting any signal and that the old modem was probably just fine, that it was a Comcast issue. He scheduled a service call. The earliest call was 5 days later and for those of you as addicted to the net as I am, seemed like an eternity.

The Comcast tech arrived within the time parameters specified which in all fairness to Comcast is a MAJOR improvement over the take off the day of work and they don’t show up anyway scenario.

The tech pulled all of the old splitters out of the walls and replaced them. Then he told me the only decent signal he could get was at the opposite end of the condo from where I park my computer. In the interest of saving my marriage I did not run a cable the length of the condo to my computer. I chose to use the wifi feature built into my new modem which, of course, meant I couldn’t return it and use the other 13 month old modem that has no built in wifi, that works but was misdiagnosed.

I asked the tech why the signal had degraded so much since last January when the old modem worked just great. The Comcast tech shrugged and said, “I guess we changed something.”

I now have Internet access again. I put out $84.00 for a new modem which would not have been necessary if Comcast hadn’t made some “change” and if they had not misdiagnosed my problem. I am using wifi which is abysmally slow if you plan on updating your website. I swear I could upload files quicker when I was on a 1200 baud modem.

As an aside, my Internet access cost went from $21.95 to $44.95 because my introductory program was over. Oddly enough I was never told it was an introductory rate but I was offered the ability to severely downgrade my access speed and only see my price increase to $24.95 per month. Considering I can only use wifi anyway I chose to downgrade. One has to wonder if Comcast’s acquisition of TimeWarner’s cable service in this area and the now total lack of competition has anything to do with my “introductory” price being more than doubled.

Oh, well I’m only here for a few weeks what doesn’t make you crazy makes you stronger?


internet providers said...

I've noticed that in the last two weeks my Internet connection has greatly slowed. Has anyone else that has what is now Comcast noticed the same thing?

ibpurpledragon said...

Thanks for reading my post.

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