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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Tip to Increase Car Sales

Have you noticed how many grey, white, silver and black cars there are on the dealer lots? I’m guessing dealers find those colors safe. They are bland, inoffensive and then hopefully easier to sell. My reaction to that is blahhh!

The only cars on dealer lots that seem to have exciting colors are the little midget cars for people under 5’4” and the muscle cars. I don’t want a weenie car and I don’t want a motor head gas guzzler, I want a sedan but I don’t want a sedate sedan. Is there some Detroit mind set that assumes that consumers are fond of blahhh?

I have a suggestion. In a world of on demand manufacturing and printing why is it impossible to order exactly what you want in a car? For all I know it may still be possible but every time I have asked a car salesman if I can order I car they tell me they can locate me a car. That is car talk for,“ I don’t want to wait months for the factory to ship me a car so I will find one close to what you want and maybe you will take it.”

It should be possible to order exactly what you want and very specifically in the exact color you want. If you are willing to put down a non-refundable deposit, why isn’t the manufacturer willing to build you the car you want. It seems like it could generate increased income. They already do an up-charge on some colors so tack on a custom color charge. I’d pay it to get the color I want. Plus think of all the people who will get tired of a bright color and trade in sooner. It is a win-win situation for Detroit or wherever it is that they make cars today.

All I know is that when I go in, pick out a car, tell the guy to talk to their in-house auto body shop and get back to me with a price to paint the new car the color I want, nobody ever calls me back with a price. Do you hear that Fred Beans? Nobody calls me back!

No wonder cars sales are slumping, they want to sell you what they have not what you want.

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