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Thursday, December 24, 2009


I’m detecting a pattern in some of my posts. A certain disgruntlement seems to permeate my normally cheerful demeanor. It may be the holiday season and it may be age. I do my best to say what I mean, do what I say I will do and to honor my word. I tried to do that the entire time I owned my businesses. Sometimes it appears that is not the case nor the interest of many current businesses. When I discover that is the case, I try and write about it so that someone else doesn’t repeat my mistakes. I admit, sometimes I would like to see people make the same mistakes as I do so I won’t feel like the only village idiot. I try not to be that person.

I still feel most people are decent human beings. I have noted that the customer service people in the recent “rants” were pleasant and courteous and powerless. I don’t feel everyone is out to get me(thank you Frank Burns of Mash). I don’t think the nation of Italy is morally bankrupt due to the ludicrous conviction, with out evidence, of Amanda Knox. I will have to admit that it is easier to write when I have a full head of steam and it should be obvious that some of the things I have written about lately have definitely steamed me. BTW, writing about stuff really is a good catharsis.

Regardless of the frequent sour tenor of some of my posts, life is good, so are most people and I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (or whatever holiday you celebrate this season) Oh, and thanks for reading my blog!

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