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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

HD TV Dummy Guide

Did you know that an HD TV doesn’t provide HD unless you have an HD source? If I am now insulting you, well stop reading.
It appears that many folks don’t know that an HD (high definition) TV doesn’t give any better picture that any other TV if you don’t have a HD source. I happened to be in close proximity to folks buying TVs recently and (believe it or not, suffered in silence) listened to sales people and buyers ignoring the reality of HD.

If you don’t have HD coming in from your cable, your satellite dish or over the air, you aren’t going to get HD TV with the incredible quality. Incidentally you do not, I repeat you do not need to have a special antenna as long your TV has a HD tuner which if it is an HD TV, it should.

Digital and HD are not synonymous. Digital will give you an overall better picture and will be your only choice in June now instead of February. The only problem with over the air digital is that fringe areas that are not close to a broadcast source will get no picture. Analog signals would give a picture, perhaps a bad picture but nevertheless a picture in weak reception areas. Digital either you get a great picture or you get no picture, there is no weak, fuzzy signal. HD or high definition is a further enhanced picture and is much better than your typical digital signal.

I recognize that if you are online, reading blogs, that all of this is most likely redundant and perhaps even insulting to your intelligence, but trust me, there are a bunch of folks out there that are confused about the whole current TV situation. Sadly some of them are selling TVs to their equally unsophisticated customers.

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