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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Naked Controversy of the Closed Contest

I have noticed a lot of blogs have contests to increase their readership. Since this is a tech blog, I thought if I had a contest I should have a techie prize. Now I am aware that a Tripplite Circuit Tester is only worth $10.00-$15.00, in spite of that, I thought it would provide a modicum of incentive for increased comments on the blog. As in many things, I was wrong. The only comment I got was on the blog bemoaning the fact that no one was commenting. Since that was the only comment I got during the week, that kind hearted soul is the winner of the Tripplite Circuit Tester. Greg at Pittrehab, YOU ARE THE WINNER! The Tripplite Circuit Tester is on the way. Thank you for your comment.

In regard to generate more traffic and contests, my guess is bigger, better prizes might help. More interesting or perhaps more controversial blogging most definitely will help. As a retired dude, bigger, better prizes don’t fit the budget. More interesting is based on the beholder; I’m writing it and wouldn’t be doing so if I didn’t find what I was writing about interesting. Therefore I am only going to attract a very small but elite readership that recognizes the true brilliance of my thoughts. (I’m going to keep repeating that to myself until I believe it.)

As far as more controversial:
I believe women are equal to men and should be accorded the respect and remuneration they deserve.

I believe many of my male peers really are pigs and have difficulty accepting that barefoot and pregnant is not the natural state of the opposite sex.

I believe Americans have the right, perhaps even the duty, to react with deadly force if someone invades their home.

I think dropping the Edsel model was a mistake.

I think guys with full heads of hair at sixty are sissies; bald is obviously much more masculine.

I don’t think a small smack on the butt of a “terrible two” is going to maim him for life, nor do I believe it is child abuse.

I think too many parents are preoccupied with career and financial success and not enough parenting.

I think too many children’s sports coaches have their own shortcomings and egos wrapped up in their coaching and not enough willingness to teach the sport not just the win.

I believe that many of the younger generation have learned from our mistakes and are working diligently not to repeat them.

There, surely someone can find some controversy in all that drivel. So I will continue to be happy writing what I enjoy and be satisfied that my page rank will probably never go up. If you aren’t doing what you enjoy, why are you doing it?

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