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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gang Membership Saves Money on Car Rentals

I am a member of AARP, a gang for old folks. As a gang, we have colors red, white and blue. We have our “do-rags”, AARP ball caps. We also have our club houses, the local senior centers. Somewhat like your street gangs that offer protection to their members, AARP also offers protection. Of course, AARP does not justify their existence with violence or guns. Instead, AARP offers benefits.

There has to be some compensation for aging. It sure isn’t the bum knees, the tricky back or the balding head, in this case it is the AARP benefits. I recently re-upped with my AARP dues. It was $39.95 for 5 years. Shortly thereafter I needed to rent a car for several weeks. I did my due diligence and went to all the sites that claim to save you money on car rental. I even went to Bill Shatner’s site, Priceline. Not one of those sites had a price even close to what I got through the AARP site. Even Captain Kirk’s “name your own price” site failed dismally to compete with the AARP site. How much did I save? I saved over $100.00 on a 2 ½ week rental. Now subtracting my gang dues from my rental savings, I netted a cool 60+ bucks even if I don’t get another single benefit for the next 5 years that my dues payment covered. So if you are over 50 and want to save some money, join AARP. Incidentally when I first got my invitation to join AARP I was appalled, grossly dismayed, totally bummed out to think I was old. Well you are as old as you feel but you can save a few bucks by taking advantage of that age.

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