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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Donuts—The Perfect Food

First, the donut is the perfect diet food, it is well rounded and most importantly it has the zero calorie center. The symbolism of the donut is obvious, being one with the world and the evoked sadness due to the emptiness often found in many people's center. Man does not live by health alone, an occasional dip into dietary decadence is good for raising the spirit. If nothing else, donut lovers are emphatically expressing their support for law and order and the stereotypical donut devourer.

Wired magazine had an article about how to increase views of your site. One of their tips was to write about stuff in which you have strong expertise. In other words, something you are an expert on!

I humbly feel that I can claim a high level of expertise on Donuts. My earliest food memories feature donuts. I have fond memories of May’s Donuts Shop in New Castle, PA. They had wonderful filled donuts. Their lemon filled donut always had a tart flavor offset by the liberal use of powdered sugar. The jelly donuts were sweet but never overwhelming.

The First Street Bakery had exceptional glazed donuts. Ideally you went to the bakery late at night and had them drop the donuts off of the dripping/drying rod, right into your bag. Not to brag but those were the days you could eat a dozen donuts on your walk home from the high school dance and not gain a single ounce.

Publix in Naples produce a consistently good maple glazed donut. It is truly an epicurean delight. Their maple iced cake donut is also good. They have a glazed croissant that is wonderful but is inappropriate for this venue.

Ronnie’s on rt.278 in Hilton Head has a good donut. However since they have changed hands, the quality has dropped.

Factory donuts such as Crispy Creams, do not hold a candle to the small local donut shops. Grocery store boxed donuts should never be mentioned in the same breath as real donuts. However some groceries do produce a quite edible donut in house. Genuardi’s puts out a good solid, cruller like glazed and iced cake donut. Their traditional glazed donut is nothing to brag about. They do periodically have a glazed cruller that is exceptional even if it isn’t circular or have a hole. Giant used to have a good sour cream cruller which I haven’t seen lately but they also had a good cream donut.

Dunkin Donuts are ok, I think their coconut and butternut are their strong points. Surprisingly, YumYum puts out a pretty darn good and consistent donut. They have a fired, cake, glazed jelly stick that is simply delicious and their buttermilk crullers are at the top of the donut chain.

Alas donuts have gotten a bad rap the last few years. Dieticians seem to have no soul regarding donuts. I did run across a scientist on the Good Morning America site that provided some suppositions on why some of us, who aren’t in law enforcement, are so passionate about our donuts. The link is below.


Please comment as to where you have found the best donuts. The sharing of good donut sources is sadly lacking. Happy eating!

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