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Friday, June 13, 2008

Jabra SP5050 Bluetooth Speakerphone—A winner!

Like many out there, I am addicted to my cell phone. I got a 3megapixel phone to get the best possible photo (of course 6 months later a 5 megapixel is out), I put some songs in it (just because I could) and I even use it to make calls. I have a Jabra Bluetooth headset that works perfectly fine, except I feel like even more of a geek than I am when I wear it. Even though PA hasn’t instituted a hands free law for cell phones, it is inevitable. (If we could institute a no make up, no nose picking, no reading, no eating, no making out while driving law it would even be better.) I noticed though that when ever I was in the car and got a call or wanted to make one, either my headset needed charged or it was laying on my desk at home. I did not find the headset meeting my needs.

On a visit to LA, I noticed a gadget on my sister’s car visor. It was the Jabra SP5050. My geek lust aroused, I researched Bluetooth Speaker Phones. There are several and some were better rated and cheaper than the Jabra. Jabra was the only one that listed my phone as having been tested and working with their product. (Note you other manufactures, a compatibility list should be a requisite for your products.) I ordered my SP5050 from http://www.buy.com/ for $60.99 including free shipping. Many web sites advertised it for a few bucks less but then nailed you on the shipping. I got it yesterday and I Love IT!

It paired seamlessly with my Samsung Flipshot. The voice recognition works very well. It was loud and clear on my side. I did some test calls and was told that I was coming in loud and clear to the receiving side. My granddaughter was totally impressed with it. (age 4) I found reaching up and pushing a button, announcing who I wanted to call and it happening flawlessly was priceless.

My only complaint is that they do not include a house charger with it. You can only charge it through the cigarette lighter adapter that is included. I have a 12 volt lighter adapter in house so it isn’t a problem for me but it would be a nice addition to the product. It supposedly has a 200 hour stand by charge. I don’t know that yet. It turns itself off if it loses connectivity with your cell phone for 15 minutes.

All in all, if you live in an area where you must be hands free or if you just like gadgets, get this product. It (in the vernacular) ROCKS!

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