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Monday, May 5, 2008

Ezonics Golf Scope / Range Finder (EZ-628)

If you aren’t a golfer, STOP HERE, READ NO FURTHER, you will be bored to tears. If you are a golfer, check this out. It works, it is easy and it is small and really, really inexpensive. I bought one for my technophobe wife/avid golfer. She likes it and found it fairly easy to use. You put the bottom line at the base of the pin and the top moveable line at the top of the pin and get a very reasonable measure of distance. Obviously different courses use different heights on their pins so it is not going to be fool proof but for $30.00 how can you lose. A fancy satellite range finder is hundreds of dollars. Ezonic has is on sale with free shipping for $29.99. http://www.shopezonics.com/product_p/ez-628.htm

Take note, it isn’t really happy if it gets wet so keep it out from under your water/beer/ice tea.

Ezonics description: A new invention of golf scope measures distance by using precise optics and digital technology. This digital golf scope measures distance from 50 to 920 yards with +/- 2 yards deviation if used correctly. It is a safe range measurement device that does not contain a high-energy transmitter which might harm or endanger objects in the distance measured.

The Ezonics Digital Golf Scope/ Range Finder is perfect for training to become a pro in golfing or using it to improve your game to the perfection at every fairway, bunker or teebox. It helps reduce strokes and guesswork of club selection.
This compact 5x magnification power golf scope/digital range finder will improve your game by measuring the range to the pin using two easy-to-use buttons.You can carry it in style with the included high-quality black leatherette belt clip case and hand strap.

It comes with two CR-203 Lithium batteries and a user's manual so you can get ready for the course in no time! It is backed by a one full-year warranty.


Magnification 5X
Objective Lens Dia. 20mm
Eyepiece Lens Dia. 12mm
Focal Length of Objective 75mm
Exit Pupil 4mm
Field of View 7.5 degree
Eye Relief 16mm
Minimum Focusing Distance 7M (23Ft.)
Lens Coating MgF2
Indicator LCD display
Body Materials ABS plastics
Exterior Finishing Mat Silver
Power Two 3-volt Li batteries included
Shut off device Automatic
Dimensions 94 x 50 x 38 (mm) ; 3.7 x 1.97 x 1.5 (inch)
Black Ieatherette case Included
Soft carrying case Included
Net Weight 0.08kgs (2.82oz.)

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