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Friday, May 9, 2008

Dirt Kills--Clean your computer!

Here is an immediate money saving tech tip. Clean your computers. I have a clean environment, no dust, no fumes and no contaminants. However, when ever I open one of my boxes I am amazed how much dust and ensuing dust bunnies are in the computer. Heat kills! The more dust on your board, the more likely you are going to fry a component. I even run a Heppa filter and I get the darn dust bunnies.

First vacumn all you can get out. If you have a metal tip on your vacumn, please make sure you don’t fry your computer with a static discharge. After you have sucked out as much dust as you can, blow the computer. You will be astounded at how much dust hides under things that you can’t vacumn.

I know this is simple, everyone knows it but like running your virus scan, NOBODY DOES IT! Keep the box clean and you extend it’s life, big time.

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Peintros said...

I do that about 3 times a week. I have my clorox disinfecting wipes right on my desk. I hate germs!

Nice blog
keep it up


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