Thursday, May 9, 2013

Do Not Call List Is a Joke

I have concluded after another Card Services call that our highly touted Do Not Call List is a joke.   You put the same telemarketers on the same list time after time.  You file complaints at the state and federal level to no avail. We need to put some teeth into our laws regarding the abuse of the Do Not Call List.

Sadly even if we put our teeth into the butt of the people who supposedly represent us, I doubt if it will promote any action.   Look at the wonderful way they responded to the fiscal crisis and public pressure for adult behavior and compromise.  My suggestion is that we plead with our providers to provide longer and more extensive applications to block these intrusive and annoying calls. 

Comcast allows a list of 12 numbers to be blocked.  That list should be infinite not twelve.  I tracked down the Call Services creeps and addressed the Attorney General’s office in their home state.   The same person has been coordinating the complaints for three years and has gotten no where.  This supports my argument that we need to prevail on our phone service providers to provide us with better weapons to deal with these unwanted calls. 

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