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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4 Must-Know Tips for Saving Money on Novels and Textbooks Online

4 Must-Know Tips for Saving Money on Novels and Textbooks Online

Everyone wants to get the most for their money, especially when it comes to typically expensive products, like textbooks and new novels. Whether you’re a student or just a book-lover, the cost of buying books can definitely set you back a bit if you’re not careful. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to reduce or eliminate the cost of your next book purchase by following several easy tricks online. Read on for the best ways to find books online at the lowest possible prices, sometimes even for free.
1. Always search for free copies first.
Before you ever buy a book online, the first thing to do is look for an available free copy. There are many resources online where students and readers can download copies of the books they need for free. Usually free downloads are available for people who already own a Kindle, like Barnes and Noble’s Free Nook Books. Users with accounts can browse the wide selection of titles, from fiction and romance to sci-fi and history, and download books instantly onto their Kindles. If you aren’t hooked up with a Kindle or a member of a similar book club, you can still search for other free options by googling the title along with the word “free.”
2. Do a Google Shop search for the title.
If you can’t find a free copy online, the next step is to compare prices of different book vendors. One of the best ways to do this is to Google the book title in the “shopping” section of Google search. This will bring up all the copies sold online with quick price and shipping comparisons. If you need your textbook or novel right away, choosing the lowest price option here is probably the best way to save time.
3. Join a book swap site.
When you don’t need a book immediately, but would like to pick up a copy someday, one of the perfect places to find one is on a book swap site. If you’re an avid reader, this is also a great way to clear out all the dated copies of the books you no longer need. Book swap sites typically allow users to make a membership and either buy books directly from other members or trade them for their own used books. Trading usually works via a point system, where, as soon as you give a book away, you will gain points toward selecting a book for yourself. Cool swap sites are Paperbackswap.com and Bookmooch.com.
4. Never pay full-price.
With all the book titles available online, there is no reason to pay full-price for a novel or textbook, especially if it’s been out for more than six months. Chances are someone will have listed a used copy online at greatly reduced prices. On top of that, there are tons of sites that specialize in book wholesale and usually carry the overstock copies of all sorts of titles. Amazon offers books at all prices, from new full-priced copies to old used copies. Half.com, a subsidiary of Ebay, sells books and textbooks, movies and games at huge discounts. The site also allows users to rent textbooks, which is a huge money-saver for students. Other textbook rental sites include College Book Renter and Chegg.
This guest post is contributed by Lauren Bailey.

This is a a guest post.  I do accept guest posts only when the guest poster's link is inoffensive.  I will not accept links to payday loan sites, gambling sites or porn sites.  If you have a money saving tech post, I am willing to review it and post it here if it is suitable.  Suitable is totally subjective.  BTW I use both Paperbackswap and Bookmooch as well as Books Free Swap .  I have found all three very useful.

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