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Friday, May 28, 2010

Windows 7 Experiences

My XP box was aging so I bought a new Windows 7 Acer Aspire.  The following is a brief and reasonably unemotional recitation of my less than fun experiences.   Needless to say, Win7 has been breaking my heart!

Software Under Win 7 Paint Shop Pro from Corel installed and works just fine.

FrontPage 2000 installed but since it was an upgrade, it asked where FrontPage97 was and FrontPage 97wouldn’t see Win7. Finally I realized if I put the FrontPage97 cd in the DVD drive and told the install software to check the D: it said great, then I had to put the FrontPage2000 back in and it worked. Yes, I know that there are newer and no doubt better software packages for web work. I own several of them but I still have two client websites I am supporting that I created under FrontPage. Neither client wants to spend the money to have their site redone under a new software package nor I am willing to redo their sites for free. So as long as I can keep FrontPage working, I can support their site and if and when they want to upgrade, I can then accept changing the software.

FAILED Broderbund’s American Greetings Creatacard Platinum 7 will not load with no drivers listed anywhere to upgrade it.

FAILED Serif Desktop Publishing including PagePlus11, DrawPlus 8 and ImpactPlus 5 will not work and they have no plans to make it work. They at least replied to an email to support to say the only recourse is to upgrade the software for $59.00 which is a whopping $3.00 less than you can buy it online. Later; they did make an offer of $39.00 to upgrade with I did grab since I use that to format my books.

Microsoft Picture It Photo Premium installed and worked.

FAILED Bicycle Bridge wouldn’t even start the installation.

Memorex exPressIt label soft installed no problem.

Bridge Baron would not install.

Scrabble would not install.

Windows 7 will not see my Dell X51V PDA, nor will it sync to it.

Second Copy backup software would not work. Had to buy the new version.

To add insult to injury my new Acer Aspire 1300 died. It failed to respond to any resuscitation and they told me to send it in. Since it is hard drive failure I tried to convince them to just send me the drive, to no avail. Thank goodness my backups were up to date. The enormous down side is that all of the software I laboriously installed over the past few weeks will have to be reinstalled. ARRGGHH!!

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