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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Microsoft Windows 7 Debacle

After having ie8 upgrade trashing my wife’s XP, I decided to get two new computers. I got Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit on mine. So far the only programs that have gone on seamlessly are my MS Office programs and not all of those went on well.

My first issue that has not been resolved yet was that if I put my printer on the Win7 machine, my Vista machine could see it and print but none of my XP machines could access the printer.

I moved the printer to one of my XP machines and my Vista machine and my XP machines can print but my Win 7 machine will not address the printer. It sees it, it just won’t use it. I thought I found a fix with Windows Virtual PC that will you allow you to run XP compatible programs on Windows 7.(supposedly) However Microsoft has decided that Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit can not run Virtual PC. My assumption is that they could give a rat’s ass if it works for home computers but that their bread and butter corporate clients would go bananas if they couldn’t run their legacy software.

Oddly enough since it was an upgrade from ie7 to ie8 that trashed the XP OS on one of my XP machines that persuaded me to upgrade to Win 7, my dissatisfaction has increased. Not only did the folks at MS suck the life out of two days trying to recover the XP OS, they are now dictating to me that I can’t run software that does what I need to do.

I’m not running a business. I am just trying to make my computers work. I find it disturbing that Microsoft is willing to aid the corporate users with Windows Virtual PC and callously disregard the needs of the individual user.

I will be posting again regarding my success with making things work under Windows 7 or as the case seems to be telling you about the things that won’t work.

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