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Friday, January 1, 2010

Body Scans

On must consider thanking the Puritans once again for skewing our national psychic totally out of whack. Body scan equipment is available and substantially more convenient than the bulk of the techniques and procedures used to currently screen air travelers. The major complaint isn’t the amount of radiation or the expense but privacy issues. Gasp, some unknown TSA technician is going to see a digital image of my naked body. Hmm, titillating an unknown person versus stopping a potential terrorist assassin, that doesn’t seem like a tough choice. From what I have read, the person seeing the digital image is not able to view the actual person who is being scanned. The, in your face, screener is not able to see the scan. There are no identification markers on the scan unless a search is triggered. The scan is not stored. So take your digital camera, put a bag over your head, strip down and take a photo. Send that photo to be put in a pile with several hundred other unidentified photos, would you even be able to pick yourself out?

People get over it. No one cares if you are hung like a horse or a house fly. No one cares if your are carrying implants or a freak of nature. Compared to safety false modesty is just inappropriate. Anonymous images that can’t be connected to the person being imaged are not infringing on your privacy. They may save your life. Frankly I would much rather have someone looking at my body scan than giving me a pat down. Unless a strip search is being conducted by an extremely attractive, age appropriate person of the opposite sex, I prefer an anonymous body scan. Safety trumps false modesty any day.

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