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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Have Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance Policies

Those two words are supposed to illustrate a firm conviction against propagation of societal ills. Zero tolerance on weapons in school. Zero tolerance against sexual harassment ad nauseam. What have those two noble sounding words led to in our society and our schools?

Those two words have led to two more powerful words, Astounding Intolerance!

A six year old who is threatened with 45 days of reform school for his cub scout eating utensils is the height of absurdity. A kindergartener who kisses another kindergartener is expelled for sexual harassment. It would be hysterical for its ludicrousness if it wasn’t so sad. Political correctness has run amuck and our children and grandchildren are paying the price. If one looks at the salaries we are paying our teachers and educational administrators, one would think we could depend on them to make rational decisions in regards to flexibility and zero tolerance. Except zero tolerance means no flexibility and consequently a thoughtful, situationally appropriate decision is precluded.

We must utilize rational decision making regarding childish infractions and abolish the rash, all situations are the same zero tolerance policies.

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