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Thursday, July 9, 2009

And Airlines Wonder Why People Hate Them

Last January I flew to Florida and back on U.S. Air. It was a dismal trip, shafted on seating, luggage and customer service. I vowed never to fly again. Well, I want to visit family in California. I am in Pennsylvania. Do the math, I don’t want to spend the summer driving there so I was going to try and fly. I found a flight at a time and price I was satisfied with on Orbitz. I called to verify availability of my grandson for the times and was assured he was cool. I clicked on the fare at Orbitz and got a message saying due to high travel demands that flight was no longer available. Of course, they presented a variety of alternatives, oddly enough none cheaper, all more expensive and most far more expensive. It is probably just a touch of cynicism to think that bait and switch is alive and well.

It seems like anything to do with air travel is fraught with peril. I am so disgusted I will probably just forget it. If travel sites and airlines would just make even a modicum of effort to be honest and forthright perhaps more people would travel. Of course the likelihood of that occurring is somewhat akin to my actually getting the flight at the times and price that I was originally quoted at Orbitz. Realistically between the cost of luggage and water let alone the pay toilets on the plane, I probably couldn’t afford it anyway.

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