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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Suicide Is Not an Answer

Recently an acquaintance of mine committed suicide. The despair and lack of hope that lead to suicide must be overwhelming. Alcoholism was a contributing factor to the suicide. A perceived monumental personal life disappointment combined with a final DUI seems to be what triggered the suicide. Facing the loss of freedom and probable loss of employment seemed insurmountable and that appears to be the cause of death.

It all seems so unnecessary. There were people who would have responded to a cry for help. There are institutions who would have intervened. Sadly neither happened.

A lack of hope and a disconnection from any type of support system is a terrible, terrible thing. It’s easy to say, “I would have done something if I had known.” It is much harder to actually do things. I guess the bottom line is that you must accept the responsibility to ask for help and much as you have to accept the responsibility for your actions.

I have to contrast this with a close friend who is dying of cancer. His wife’s email this week said that they are now involved with hospice. That seems to be the end of the line for him. He did not go quietly into the night. He has been fighting the good fight for years. Not once did he give up or give in. Even as kids, he never gave up. He never lost hope. What a contrast to suicide.

I applaud his courage and I lament the suicide.

Despair and alcohol are a deadly combination.

Hope and support can still be deadly but it gave my friend and his loved ones several years more and who knows, we can still hope for one more miracle.

Ponder for a moment, do you have the courage to hope?

Look around you, there will be someone who will help. You may have to ask, but there absolutely positively is someone who will help.

Choose hope even when disappointed it is far better than despair.

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