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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Duck Butts

I am watching two ducks bob for who knows what. For some demented reason I find ducks butts funny. Of course, many things I find funny are not particularly amusing to the rest of the world. Admittedly Monty Python influenced my retired not dead handle. Why dead cows, attack rabbits and shrubbery are funny is hard to explain. Equally the time my dear wife was choking on a pickle, her loving husband and two loving sons, laughed themselves to tears before using the Heimlich. When pushing my granddaughter on the swing and the swing hits me in the chest she finds it hysterical. Humor is interpreted and subjective in so many ways.

Humor is crucial to well being. Laughter makes you feel better. Instead of flipping off the guy who just cut you off, laugh at what an incredible imbecile he/she is. Way healthier than blowing your top. We have friends coming tomorrow that we laugh a lot with. Every time we get together we laugh, often to the point of shortness of breath and tears. Perhaps most importantly, we laugh at ourselves. Sure we laugh at each other but our friendship is so strong that we can laugh at ourselves. Friends like that are rare and deeply appreciated. They keep us centered, keep us from getting too self assured and they keep us healthy.

So the next time you see a duck’s butt, laugh! It is good for you and you got to admit, there is something really funny about that darn feathery butt.

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