Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Riley Holliday 46" Corner TV Stand #88285 Review

This is a surprisingly nice piece of furniture for the price. $261.25 got this delivered to the door. Dynamic Home Décor offers free shipping and has been running a 5% off sale on orders over $249.00.

The color of this is much more red than the online photos showed. Assembly was astoundingly easy. The entire base comes assembled and is shipped folded. All you need to do is attach the top with the four screws provided and put a knob on the glass door. BTW you may want to put the knob on before you put the top on, in spite of what the directions say. Once the top is on, if you haven’t already put the door pull on the door, you may have difficulty getting the door open to put on the pull knob. It did provide me with a self depreciating laugh as I leaned over the back of the unit and pushed the door open by sticking a yard stick through the cable holes and pushing the door open from the back. I suspect I would not have been as amused at my self if I had missed the door frame and punched out the glass with the yard stick.

The unit looks good assembled and the workmanship is quite nice, again for the price. The joints could be tighter but then again if you are going to ship it folded perhaps you need a certain amount of flexibility in the joints.

Shipping is still a problem with furniture. The box came damaged and I did inspect it. Everything appeared to be fine but when I actually unfolded the unit, one of the joints had been broken. The way the top attaches allowed me to ignore the joint damage. I did need to use a q-tip and some stain to cover the area that had pulled out of the panel. It wasn’t a big area but it was still annoying.

There is a lot of wasted space in this unit. Look at the diagram. If the center space is adequate for your equipment this unit is a good choice. Be aware that you are looking at a lot of wasted space though.

Overall this is a solid piece of furniture to hold your TV for a very reasonable price. Dynamic Home Décor was a good place to buy it.

This was not a paid blog and I did not get any compensation to write it.

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